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We also have demos and instructional kayaks for sale - Please check out our 'Used Kayaks' page.

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KI-1 $302.00
KI-2 Angler $378.00
KI-3 Pro Angler $636.00
KI-4 Angler $376.00
KI-5 Tandem 2+1 $600.00
KI Canoe $650.00

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KI Tandem
Call for available colors 214.629.4794
KI Kapalua $349.00
Optional Kapalua seat back   $35.00
KI Denim seat with pocket $40.95

KI Wheeled Carrier $75.00
KI Back Band $30.75
KI Deluxe back $35.00
KI Deluxe molded seat
no pocket

KI Deluxe molded seat
with pocket