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Why do you need kayak instruction?

Whether you are paddling flatwater, rapids, or simply surfing, your technique defines the quality of your experience. Do you want your technique to limit your enjoyment of the river? Have you seen how much more fun the best paddlers are having? Our certified instructors are here to assure that you learn the skills that will allow you to accomplish your goals in the boat through the highest quality curriculum available! You will experience the state of the art of paddling with the guidance of world renowned teachers.

Your kayak class, your speed, your river trip.

You will be looked after individually. You will gain from our experience, and the insights that we can not only tell you about, but show you. The quality of our people will provide you with a model to follow in your paddling, and offer you a depth of knowledge that will continue to be available to you for as long as you paddle. We pay close attention to what you can do to help you to achieve what you want to. This includes access to different levels of quality gear and guidance in selecting it. We have a more diverse selection of boats and instructors than anywhere in the country. No matter your abilities or age you will enjoy the personal attention from leaders in the sport. Kayak Instruct leads a variety of programs geared toward providing irresistible fun for everyone.The people of Kayak Instruct are committed to providing you with the best paddling programs available - year around. We do it by immersing ourselves in the programs that we offer, and in the sport that we love so much.

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